Phones 4u Insurance Contact Number: 0333 222 6730

To make enquiries about your Phones 4u Insurance, contact Lifestyle Service Group’s customer service phone line (Phones 4u’s Insurance Administrator) on 0333 222 6730.

Phones 4u was a popular mobile phone retailer in the UK. They started operations in 1996 but soon became very successful. At the height of their success, they had about 600 stores operating in the UK, over 8000 employees and were selling about 26 mobile phones every minute. Their business model means that their success is associated to the success of the UK’s mobile network companies.

Phones 4u was an official reseller for all of the UK’s mobile network providers. Customers go to Phones 4u not only to choose the kind of mobile phone handset they are going to buy but also the mobile network to subscribe to. These mobile networks offer both pay as you go subscriptions as well as contract tariffs. By getting your mobile phone from Phones 4u, customers can choose from any of the available networks and tariff types.

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Even with high customer brand recognition and satisfaction, the end of their business was at hand. The mobile network partners that were so instrumental in the success of the business no longer wanted to partner up with the giant reseller. Phones 4u entered administration on September 15 2014. This was just a day after its remaining mobile network partners withdrew their partnership with the company. So if you wish to communicate with Phones 4u, you should contact their administrators – PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers).

You can contact them via the Phones 4U customer service number: 0844 8712 253.

If you have enquiries about your phone insurance with Phones 4u, then you should contact Lifestyle Service Group. Generally, the phone insurance are sold by a third party insurer so your policy should still be in effect.

You can contact the Lifestyle Service Group on their customer service phone line on 0333 222 6730 for enquiries about your Phones 4u Care Plan.

If you have the Phones 4u Premier Insurance plan, then call 0333 220 5466.