Ukash Contact Number: 0800 051 7162

If you have enquiries about Ukash (now part of Paysafecard), then contact their phone number 0800 051 7162.

Ukash was founded in 2005 and aimed to replace or to fortify the current system of using money to pay for goods online. With the Ukash system, customers can exchange their money with a set of prepaid credits or Ukash vouchers in the form of a code. The code can then be used to make online purchases at  participating stores and merchants. In 2014, they also launched a Ukash prepaid mastercard that could be used to make payments wherever Mastercards are accepted.

As of August 2015, Ukash was official acquired by Skrill Group. Skrill, formerly known as Moneybookers, allows customers to make money transfers over the internet. Because of their similar market, the Ukash system, as well as their customers, were incorporated into the Skrill Paysafecard system. All remaining Ukash vouchers were only valid until the end of October 2015.

Ukash via the Phone

If you prefer to speak on the phone with their customer service representatives, then call them on the 24 hour hotline 0800 051 7162.

Email Ukash

To find out more about Ukash and Paysafecard’s finance and payment products, you can email:

If however you are still in possession of an unused or partially used Ukash code, then you can exchange it for Paysafecard credits of equal value.You just need to send a copy of the Ukash code or the Change Code (if it’s partially spent) along with a copy of your government issued identification to:

You can use your passport, driver’s licence, residence permit or ID card. Send a copy of both front and back.

Paysafe works much in the same way as Ukash, so you if you’re a former Ukash customer everything would feel intuitive. You just need to buy a voucher and then use the 16 digit pin to make payments online. Remember that any credit leftover is valid and remains usable for future purchases.

Ukash on the Web

Unlike Ukash, however, Paysafecard is available all over the world with  more than half a million sales outlets already in operation.

To locate the outlet nearest you, use the outlet locator here:

If you still have questions about Ukash (now part of Paysafecard), then you can submit this online form:

You can also send your enquiries to: